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In 1978, Bose began its quest for inventing noise-canceling technology. The goal was to “develop technology with real and lasting benefits” for the consumer. Nearly a decade later this technology was piloted as an aviation set, improving comfort for the pilot and quality of their work. Bose noise-canceling technology continues to be used as a solution for a variety of concerns and unique circumstances, yet the advanced performance has not been leveraged to set itself apart from competitors.

80% of people with autism struggle with auditory sensory overload. Bose's noise-canceling technology serves as the gateway to overcoming barriers and achieving dreams.


ART: Hayley Christensen

COPY: Eli Gee

DIRECTOR: Andrew Rhee

DP: Amanda Rasmussen

EDITOR + COLOR: Derek Steele

STRATEGY: Lili Maero

PRODUCER: Leah Covey

JR. PRODUCER: Zane Frehner


2021 ANDY Awards - Gold 

2021 Telly Awards - Gold 

2021 Young Ones ADC - Cinematography Merit

2021 Young Ones ADC - Direction Merit

2021 Young Ones - Writing Merit